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TOOL 025   |   I introduce myself
Field of diversity
Group size
Individual Small group Class

get to know eachother

find things you have in common

60 min
Goals (Skills/Competences)

Students get to know eachother and find things they have in common

Supporting language and social skills

Selfcompetence and somebody else's competence

Mutual get to know eachother is promoted - intolerance will be reduced





- Students get the worksheet and fill it in. Teacher helps if needed

- after finishing the worksheet the students form a circle

- a student reads out one sentece from his worksheet and steps into the middle of the circle. The student can choose the sentece he/she wants to read out and share with the class. Everyone who has the same sentence(ability, interest,...) joins the student in the middle. All the students in the middle repeat the sentence out loud in order to strengthen the vocabulary and then all step back from the middle

- the next student steps into the circle and reads out a new sentence and the same procedure starts again

- every student has a turn


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Modifications comments
Success factors

Use pictures as help for students who don't speak the language as well as the others; let students help others and let them act as translaters for others