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TOOL 008   |   Learn to understand an instruction
Field of diversity
Learning Variability
Group size

Distinguish and classify the steps to understand and follow an instruction (enclosed cards)

15 min
Goals (Skills/Competences)

Understand an instruction to be able to follow it

Improve the pupils autonomy


Computer, highlighting felt tip pens, methodological card established by the teacher (cf enclosed card), the exercises established by the teacher (cf enclosed card), 'reminder card'


- Read the methodological card with the pupil

- Explain all the steps to the pupil to be sure that it’s well understood à ask the pupil to retell it to check…

- Realize the suggested exercises according to the steps of the methodological card

- Ask the pupil to follow those steps when he has instructions to follow during a lesson

- Assess the tool with the pupil according to the result of his instructions understanding during the lesson

- Ask the pupil if he wants to make modifications to the methodological card according to his own difficulties

- Realize a ‘reminder card’ to understand the instructions that the pupil can use faster than the methodological card.

Modifications comments
Success factors Pitfalls
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