UDEL21 tools Erasmus+
TOOL 007   |   Stereotypes
Field of diversity
Group size
Small group Class

Questioning each other's stereotypes and reflecting on them based on facts rather than on groundless opinions

45 min
Goals (Skills/Competences)

Ability to express one's choice, to listen to others' choices and distinguish stereotypes from emotions, opinions or facts.


About 20 to 30 pictures of unknown people's faces (expressing diverse emotions or no emotion at all) – women, men, children...



  • The participants stand in a circle (in classroom, on playground…)
  • The pictures are displayed on the ground, faces up, in the middle of the circle
  • Each participant walks around and chooses 2 pictures (but leaves them on the ground): one picture of a person he/she likes and/or would like to talk with, and one picture of a person he/she dislikes and/or wouldn’t like to talk with
  • Each participant thinks about the reasons why (s)he feels attracted or not by the picture
  • In turn, the participants explain their choices. Each participant is free to add his(her) opinion when (s)he has chosen the same picture(s) as those of the speaker.
  • Exchange of ideas takes place in total freedom: each one can say anything with kindness and consideration.
Modifications comments
Success factors

It can be interesting to have a mediator for the discussion to avoid any abuse regarding to some extremism (legal, religious…).

Reminding the group of the 4 main emotions could be a good start (sadness, joy, anger and fear).


Any picture of a person personally known by any participant must be avoided.