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TOOL 055   |   The machine of rhythms
Field of diversity
Learning Variability Multicultularity
Group size

Students one by one join in rhythms, movements and sounds -together they create one »machine«.

15 min
Goals (Skills/Competences)

Be aware of power of diversity in a process of bulding complexity, integration which works. Participate in forming  the new entity, learn to be a part of the whole by active using bodies and sounds, coordination.




A participant goes into the middle and imagines that he (she) is a moving part in a complex machine. He (she) starts doing a movement with his (her) body, a mechanical, rhythmic  movement, and vocalising a sound to go with it. Everyone else watches and listens  in the circle around the machine.  Another person  goes up and adds another part (his/her own body)  to this mechanical apparatus, with another movement and another sound. A third, watching the first two, goes in and does the same, so that eventually all participants are integrated into this one machine, which is a synchronised multiple machine.

When everyone is part of the machine, the leader asks the first person to accelerate the rythm – everyone else must follow this modification, since the machine is one entity. When the machine is near to explosion, the leader asks the first person to ease up, gradually to slow down, till in their own time the whole group ends together. 

Variation: The same thing, with the region of a single country from which the participants originate (Southern Italy, Nothern Italy, Prague machine etc.) Variation: The machine of whatever themes we are currently working on: sexism, racism,  etc.

Source: Boal, A. . Games for actors  and non-actors./ theatre and drama pedagogy

movie link?

Modifications comments
Success factors

Play the internal rythm, not external aspects

kids must be prepared/experienced in such this kind of activities

adequate space


if people are shy to epress themselves by movement and sounds