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TOOL 023   |   The Island
Field of diversity
Gender Multicultularity
Group size
Small group Class

Simulating the creation of a new society on a LIFE island

90 min
Goals (Skills/Competences)

Discussing ideas for a fair society – encouraging social competences, for example willingness to cooperate, ability to work in a team, tolerance



All kinds of pencils ... (coloured pencils, water colours, wax crayons), 4 large sheets of brown paper, sticky tape



- Class is divided into 4 groups

- Teacher`s instructions: 

·         Life on the LIFE island follows 4 principles, which should be represented in the pupils'  drawings and ideas (L= Life, I= Innovation,

F= Freedom & Friendship, E= Equality).

·         Introductory question: What could a good life together among the people on the island look like? What do people need so that they treat each other with respect?

- Each group is given an information sheet with rules of communication and guiding questions.

- The 4 sheets of brown paper are put on the floor next to each other (to form a square or rectangle).

- The class agrees on an outline for the island. They draw it together.

- For  every »crossover« between the sectors there is at least one common element of infrastructure (a building, road, river ...)

- After that the 4 groups work on the design of their island alone.

- Each group presents their segment of the island. With each presentation the island comes closer to its completion. 


Modifications comments
Success factors

Allow enough time (creativity takes time), discuss rules for getting along together and working constructively, so that everyone can contribute his/her ideas. If a problem cannot be solved, work on the project may be interrupted – clarification by teacher and pupils.


Arguments, destructive instead of cooperative behaviour,