UDEL21 tools Erasmus+
TOOL 011   |   Café philo
Field of diversity
Group size
Small group Class

Questioning each other's ideas and reflecting on them based on important issues

60 min
Goals (Skills/Competences)

Ability to listen and understand other one's views and opinions



Article – Text – Pictures according to the determined topic


A group of people want to discuss about a specific subject addressed to the school/classroom/society…

-          Display questioning at some strategic locations in the school (f.i: the picture of the young migrant, Aylan, died on the beach; a group of migrants trying to enter Greece…)

-          Students, teachers and other people interested in the subject and wish to participate register (just to have an idea of the number of participants – on posters, by telling to the responsible…)

-          Announce the place and time of the meeting

-          During the meeting, the exchange of ideas takes place in total freedom: each one can say anything with kindness and consideration. Everyone can come regardless of background, education or beliefs… There is no need to be knowledgeable in philosophy to contribute to the discussion

-          The main ideas are put on posters and displayed in the hallways throughout the school

Modifications comments
Success factors

Everyone (students, teachers, educators, headteachers, workers, administrative staff) is welcome! The more diversity, the richer exchange !

It can be interesting to have a mediator for the discussion to avoid any abuse regarding to some extremism (legality, religion…)