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TOOL 009   |   Weekly planning
Field of diversity
Learning Variability
Group size

Different tools to learn to plan homework (cf enclosed cards for examples)

Goals (Skills/Competences)

To be able to organise/plan homework

To improve pupils' autonomy for their homework


-          The diary

-          The reminder card (annex 1)     

-        &nbs


-          Read the methodological card with the pupil

-          Create a laminated 'reminder card' that will be attached to the pupil's pencil box (cf the enclosed cards)

-          Discuss with the pupil about the best way to organise his homework

-          Explain diary use

-          Evaluate with the pupil if he/she uses the different tools in the right way

Modifications comments
Success factors Pitfalls
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09b_Weekly planning_annex2_methodo card_BE_FR
09c_Weekly planning_annex3_Diary_BE_FR