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TOOL 006   |   Learning to learn «SQ4R»
Field of diversity
Learning Variability
Group size
Individual Class

Creation of a methodological card explaining the content of actions to be set up for a better study (cf examples in enclosed card)

45 min
Goals (Skills/Competences)

Helping the students to set up learning strategies.


Basic card / a post-it note / writing material /a laminating machine + laminating sheets (one for each student) / a colour printer / a pair of scissors

An internet connection to look for images and/or an images bank in the teacher’s computer


Question the students about the procedures / methods set up to study. Each student writes the strategies (s)he uses to study on a post-it note (only one per note). While putting up the post-it notes, gather in different categories (from SQ4R) the procedures / strategies. Sort the methods in chronological order = determine the order of the steps. Explain the ‘why’ and the ‘how’ (fill in the center column = functioning)Look for images to illustrate each operation. All the images are printed to get a recap bookmark.The material (recap sheet + bookmark) is printed, the bookmark is laminated – and cut out. The recap sheet is put in a methodological file.The student relates to the order of the procedures thanks to the bookmark and the methodological card.

Modifications comments
Success factors

Investment from the student.

Adaptibility to each student.


Respect and keep on mind the pupils' ideas that can be different from the teacher's ones and be full of sense for them