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TOOL 005   |   SUM UP !
Field of diversity
Learning Variability
Group size

To be able to summarize a text with the help of a Mind Map proposed by the teacher (cf enclosed card – in French)

Goals (Skills/Competences)

To be able to summarize a text pointing the main elements/ideas

To improve the comprehension of the text

Prepare the memorisation


The Mind Map created by the teacher (cf enclosed card in French), dictionnary, paper, colour pens, slat...

Text to sum up


- Active reading of the text (f.i. underline the verbs, encircle the subjects…)

- Read the text again pointing out/highlighting in colours the different ideas

- Structure the ideas in paragraphs

- Work on the sentences structure/syntax

- Use linking words to structure the paragraphs


Whenever you want use the methodological Mind Map to be sure that you respected all the steps

Modifications comments
Success factors Pitfalls
05a_Sum up!_annex_BE_FR