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TOOL 004   |   When I reread I pay attention to ...
Field of diversity
Learning Variability
Group size

Creation and use of mnemotechnic ways for the rereading of personal written productions (examples in inclosed card)

15 min
Goals (Skills/Competences)

Develop the rereading skill and be able to correct mistakes by oneself

Develop the autonomy to improve spelling competences

Improvement of autonomy to have a self-correction


Paper, color pencils, laminator and paper for it, scratch

You can also do it with a computer. In that case you need a printer.


- Starting from a written production already corrected by the teacher, the pupil points out a repeated mistake (punctuation, verb and subject agreement, capital letters, grammar…)

- To remedy those repeated mistakes, the pupil creates a personal “remind card” (examples in the enclosed card)

- This card is illustrated by a picture chosen by the pupil

- The pupil puts this card with a scratch on his desk (so the card can be removed or changed according to the evolution of the pupil)

Modifications comments The activity is flexible and depends on the local context. Feel free to adapt!
Success factors
  • The cards can be adapted according to the pupil's difficulties

  • Individualised by the pupil himself

  • Wrong conception of the card (if unadapted to the difficulties)

  • A too light or not systematic use of the card

04a_When I reread_annex_BE_FR
04a_When I reread_annex_BE_FR