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TOOL 003   |   Mental Management / Learning to learn
Field of diversity
Learning Variability
Group size
Individual Class

Methodological card about mental management actions (cf enclosed card)

60 min
Goals (Skills/Competences)

Enable the students to realise the mental management procedures set up during the study.


A laminating machine / 1 card to be laminated for each student / a pair of scissors / a key-ring for each student / a hole punch / an image bank or an internet connection

  1. Ask the students about what is happening when they face new learnings during a lesson.
  2. Study and analyse the procedures set up by the student(s).
  3. Suggest the 4 steps of mental management (Planning / Taking to put in the head / Thinking about / Checking).
  4. Each step is represented by a specific card.
  5. The 4 steps are summarised on a laminated methodological card cut into 4 cards fastened in the chronological order of the proceedings.
Modifications comments
Success factors

Ensure that the cards are used well and regularly until the method is known and understood.

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