Serial number Title Field of diversity Group size Time
TOOL 001 Introduction of Fields of Diversity Multicultularity Learning Variability Gender Language Individual Pair Small group Class School
60 min

In files attached there are descriptions of Diversity fields we have defined in our project UDEL21

TOOL 002 My way to here Multicultularity Class
45 min

Sharing-explaining each pupil geographic travel from the native region to the school to show that everyone is rich of one’s history, experiences

TOOL 003 Mental Management / Learning to learn Learning Variability Individual Class
60 min

Methodological card about mental management actions (cf enclosed card)

TOOL 004 When I reread I pay attention to ... Learning Variability Individual
15 min

Creation and use of mnemotechnic ways for the rereading of personal written productions (examples in inclosed card)

TOOL 005 SUM UP ! Learning Variability Individual

To be able to summarize a text with the help of a Mind Map proposed by the teacher (cf enclosed card – in French)

TOOL 006 Learning to learn «SQ4R» Learning Variability Individual Class
45 min

Creation of a methodological card explaining the content of actions to be set up for a better study (cf examples in enclosed card)

TOOL 007 Stereotypes Multicultularity Small group Class
45 min

Questioning each other's stereotypes and reflecting on them based on facts rather than on groundless opinions

TOOL 008 Learn to understand an instruction Learning Variability Individual
15 min

Distinguish and classify the steps to understand and follow an instruction (enclosed cards)

TOOL 009 Weekly planning Learning Variability Individual

Different tools to learn to plan homework (cf enclosed cards for examples)

TOOL 010 Actions against tortures Multicultularity Small group School
15 min

The whole year long, a committee mixing pupils and adults leads actions to defend Human Rights