UDEL 21 TOOLs platform


How to use the UDEL 21 Tools platform

This platform is dedicated to a broad audience of teachers, educators and other professionals who cope with diversity in formal or informal education.

You can find here tens of “tools” = activities, methodologies, concepts for practical usage. Most tools are available in 7 languages: English (ENG) , French (FR) , German (GE) , Italian (IT) , Dutch (Flemish - FL), Czech (CZ), Slovenian (Si). All tools are available in English. You can filter the tools by field of diversity, group size or use a fulltext searching engine.

Most of the tools can be used as a basic starting point and can be adapted to different ages, although some tools are designed for a specific age-group.

We hope you will find a lot of inspiration in the UDEL21-tools.
UDEL 21 team

If you want to add a new tool, deliver it please to your local coordinator filled in the project template (docx / gdoc). Contact your local coordinator for any help and further information, too.

Austria: Gudrun Jauk gudrun.jauk@ssr-wien.gv.at
Belgium/Flemish: Marleen Clissen marleen.clissen@katholiekonderwijs.vlaanderen
Belgium/France: Geraldine Valee geraldine.vallee@segec.be
Italy: Simone Petrucci simo4584@gmail.com
Slovenia: Andreja Klančar andreja.klancar@gmail.com
Czech and other countries: Milan Kotík milan@aisis.cz